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The founder of the company Dr. Ing h.c. Giovanni Rodio was with Professor Karl Terzaghi among the first representatives who recognized the significance and importance of geotechnical solutions for the benefit of civil engineering projects. The various companies that have been established in a number of European countries after World War II and in South America and the Far East had, with particular expertise in the solution of geotechnical problems and made a significant contribution in the execution of hydroelectric plants and later in all areas of civil construction. The first and leading company of the group Rodio, Ing Giovanni Rodio & CSpA, Casalmaiocco / Milan has started operations in 1921 and became more like those of the 90-year anniversary. In the past, Rodio group in their company policy has always set the following highlights:

- Development and training of specialized manpower and continuous training of the senior engineering team.
- The development and adjustment of the machine park due to construction site experience.
- Investment in innovative new features while at the same time maintaining the traditional values and expertise.

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